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Hi... I'm Ian Black and I'm 71 years old and have a wellness concept I'd like to share with you here.
It's true, I've been a kind of health nut for quite a few years,
but it figures...my Dad died at age 64, and I always felt he was too young to die.
Like most of his generation he didn't take care of his body,
so naturally I reacted, and do take care of my health.
I've been eating organic for years now
and like others, I've been taking multi-vitamins to augment my diet.

A few years ago, because of a significant change in my wife's health,
I started using products made by
a noted cellular research scientist in Salt Lake City who developed his own
optimizing system to promote healthier cells.
After about 3 to 4 months, I noticed a real positive change in my energy.
I've been taking them ever since and I feel better than I've ever felt before.

On June 19th 2002,
the Journal of the American Medical Association
came to encouraging conclusions in regards to vitamins
for maintaining health in adults.
I feel these are important ideas that need to be know by everyone.
I urge you to read the abstract (or the full text)
by going to this link:

Mainstream medicine is finally recognizing the need for
optimal levels of multi-vitamin nutritionals to maintain good health.
Unfortunately, there are lots of inferior product flooding the market place
to fill the shelves and feed the demand. I feel fortunate that
I have found a first rate source for products I know are a significant cut above the rest.
They cost a little more but simply, they are a lot better.

I believe so strongly in these products,
I became an 'referral agent' to spread the word.
Over my 50 odd years of marketing merchandise of all sorts,
I believe these to be the best products of their kind I've ever come across.

If you are interested in making a pro-active difference to your life,
take a look at what I have found out.

Here is my overview of how we ended up
needing to supplement our own nutrition today.
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If you want to know more
I'll be glad to get back to you.